How many veneersThousands of patients around the world have already experienced the amazing attributes and aesthetic appearance of dental veneers. It is known that veneers can last upwards of 15-20 years, but minor wear and tear sometimes becomes apparent during those later years. Have you recently received porcelain veneers, but now you are concerned about any negative consequences (i.e. veneers repair, veneers falling off, redoing veneers, etc)? Well, our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Hedge is here to offer veneers repair to solve your problems!

Reasons to get veneers repaired

Not all patients need to have their veneers fixed, but some patients need their veneers repaired under several different circumstances.

  • If your veneers fall off—of course your dental veneers should not fall off (and we don’t expect them to). With effective dental care and proper veneers placement by your dentist, you should not experience your veneers falling off. However, if you do encounter such a negative consequence, Dr. Hedge will most likely need to replace your veneer with another one (unless it can be repaired).
  • Dullness and fading of the shade of your veneers—some patients say that some dullness appears after 15-20 years, and that they want their veneers to be whiter. This is sometimes common, but only bothersome for some patients. The only way to achieve whiter
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    veneers after 15-20 years of initial placement is to replace your veneers. This usually requires us to redo your veneers since whitening your veneers is ineffective and not recommended.

  • Underlying tooth becoming stained—your underlying tooth (below your veneer) can become darkened over time, which makes for a not-so-attractive porcelain veneer. To prevent this darkening and staining from occurring, you should limit your consumption of dark-colored beverages and tobacco products.
  • Stained bonding cement—A huge advantage
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    to porcelain veneers is their stain-resistant nature. However, after an extensive 15-20 veneers life, the bonding cement around the edges of the veneers

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    can become

    stained and minimally unattractive. Like mentioned earlier, this is only evident and bothersome for some patients, but it can be fixed.

If you are experiencing any of these adverse signs with your dental veneers, we recommend to patients to schedule an appointment with us. After assessing your dental veneers condition, we may be able to perform veneers repair, or we may have to redo veneers.

Come see us today!

Here at

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our office, you and your family will

receive the utmost professional and sophisticated dental care available. We will gladly evaluate your case, perform veneers repair if needed, and provide you with the best dental care to give you amazing results.

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