Are you curious about sedation dentistry, but aren’t exactly sure of what it entails? Are you among the thousands of people who have a fear of the dentist, or who experience immediate anxiety when you step foot into a dental office? Our Cincinnati dentist, Dr. Tom Hedge, wants you to be informed as possible about the services he offers. That is precisely why he viagra generic wants to tell you all about the advantages and benefits of sedation dentistry!

Sedation dentistry benefits

  • Many of his patients think and feel that they have only been in the dentist’s chair for a few

    minutes—they don’t realize that their procedure actually took a few hours to complete!

  • Complex procedures (i.e. smile makeovers, full mouth rehabilitation, etc) that require many dental visits can often be completed in a lesser amount of office visits. This allows our dentist to complete more than one dental service in a single office visit.
  • Sedation dentistry makes you feel at ease and comfortable to get your dental treatment order viagra completed. Your dental phobias, fears, and anxieties will melt away so that you can relax and feel at peace when sitting in the dentist’s chair!
  • With sedation dentistry options, patients feel more comfortable coming back for routine Used Jane Scrivner’s book “ Yourself”. checkup appointments. This prevents dental problems from occurring and also helps patients to take care of their teeth and gums at home, too.
  • Patients tend to not procrastinate when scheduling a dental appointment. They know that sedation dentistry options are available, and this puts them at ease to schedule appointments in a timely manner.
  • You can be rest assured that our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Hedge, is properly trained and educated to administer a safe and effective dosage of sedation medication(s). Your vitals will also be monitored throughout your entire procedure to ensure that you remain comfortable and healthy!
  • You won’t be unconscious with sedation dentistry. Instead, you will still be able to respond to the dentist and/or dental assistants, online pharmacy tech jobs but you will do so in a relaxed, calm state of mind, minus the dental fears and anxieties!

Come see our top sedation dentist today!

Dr. Hedge and his dental team are dedicated to making your dental appointment as pain-free and anxious-free as possible. We have many years of experience with providing worry-free results, while placing our patients’ comfort at the forefront. Our dental team wants you and generic pharmacy online your family to be as relaxed as possible, and leave the rest up to us!

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those benefits of sedation dentistry? If you’re interested or have questions, call us today to experience our anxiety-free dentistry during your next dental


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