How would you love a completely versatile and amazing method to obtain the smile of your dreams? Some people want a great smile instantly, but are not in favor of veneers or Invisalign. Well for those länger mit viagra of you looking for another solution, your opportunity is now here! Dr. Tom Hedge discusses 10 reasons to smile with Snap-On Smile:

1. Painless dental appliance with no drilling required.

Snap-On Smile is a dental appliance that literally “snaps” on top of your natural teeth. It requires no removal of your tooth structure, which also means no drilling, no numbing, and ginseng as viagra no shots—lucky you! It is a removable smile solution appliance that solves several dental problems. Snap-On Smile is a non-invasive, restorative approach to getting the smile you’ve always dreamed viagra vs eriacta of. The flexibility of the material allows it to attach to the natural curvature of viagra generic your teeth to stay firmly in place and not become loosened during daily wear.

2. Many patients are candidates for Snap-On Smile.

Just like several other cosmetic dental services, you must be a suitable candidate for Snap-On Smile. It is perfect for a quick, urgent smile solution, those who have dental phobias, or who are considered to be medically compromised patients (i.e. those receiving chemotherapy or radiation). Those with periodontal disease can wear the appliance as a splint to strengthen the teeth undergoing periodontal treatment. Also, it’s good for patients who want to test drive a new smile before opting for a cosmetic smile makeover, or for those who cannot currently afford a smile makeover, but who want a new smile in the meantime! No matter what the reason is to get Snap-On Smile, Dr. Hedge ensures that your teeth are free from , defects, and bacteria before the appliance is made.

3. You can achieve a natural-looking smile with this dental appliance.

When you wear your Snap-On Smile, your new smile will look amazing, breathtaking, and natural. To create a natural-looking appearance, there are 23 shades and 18 smile designs to choose from. It is important to keep in mind that the purchase generic viagra appliance will

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add a slight bulkiness and some contour to your smile. So if you have large teeth, you might want to consider if your teeth will feel too bulky for your liking. In such cases, Dr. Hedge’s patients often get used to the feeling of wearing it within a few days.

4. Strong, durable, long-lasting material.

The Snap-On Smile appliance is created from a material called acetyl resin, which is highly durable and non-staining. In fact, this material is one of the best that can be used, and has proven its strength and durability in

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other applications as well. For example, acetyl resin is used for heart valve replacements, other dentistry appliances, and aircraft cabinetry on NASA aircrafts. With Snap-On Smile, you can expect it to last 1-5 years, depending on your use and care. Even though we rarely see breakage, Dr. Hedge recommends that you do not apply strong force when wearing your Snap-On Smile (i.e. breaking walnuts or opening bottles). It is important to keep in mind that if you opt for dental services that change the structure of your natural teeth, your Snap-On Smile might not fit anymore.

5. Easy steps to get started with Snap-On Smile.

Getting started with Snap-On Smile at Dr. Hedge’s office is painless and easy! Upper and lower impressions of your teeth will be made, along with using a bite material to record your natural bite. Next, you and Dr. Hedge can decide which shape and shade will look best for your dream smile! These two components, plus Dr. Hedge’s detailed prescription, will be sent to the Snap-On Smile laboratory to be created. After the appliance arrives at our office after approximately 2 weeks or less, you will come in for another appointment viagra 50 of 100 mg so we can ensure proper fit and strict adherence to our prescription. Lastly, Dr. Hedge will give you detailed instructions regarding proper use and cleaning—now you can enjoy your gorgeous, new smile!

6. Easy care instructions to clean and remove your Snap-On Smile.

Dr. Hedge requires that you clean your Snap-On Smile after every meal/snack and before sleeping. You should clean it with a soft toothbrush, along with a cleaning agent that we can supply to you for optimal results. You should clean both the inside and the outside of the appliance. When cleaning the appliance, only use warm water—Snap-On Smile cannot tolerate boiling (or near boiling) water, but it can tolerate hot food and drinks, though. Before placing the appliance back pharmacy online in your mouth, make sure that you rinse it thoroughly with water, and that you also brush/floss your natural teeth (or at least rinse your mouth if you don’t have your toothbrush/floss).

7. Long-lasting color.

Some of our patients are concerned about the color fading away on their Snap-On Smile. Dr. Hedge makes sure to inform each patient that Snap-On Smile will maintain its color due the non-porous, microfilm material that it’s made of. This incredible material, which is also hypo-allergenic and non-toxic, does not allow anything to stick to

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it, and therefore, it will not absorb food particles, bacteria, or become discolored—so that means you don’t have to abstain from drinking coffee or red wine! However, if you smoke cigarettes, then Snap-On Smile can become stained.

8. Convenient smile solution for daily use.

Snap-On Smile can absolutely be worn every day, all day! Dr. Hedge does not recommend wearing it while sleeping, so we suggest removing it before going to bed. There have been a few instances where Dr. Hedge allows it, but he will discuss this with you during your appointment. Once you remove it, we highly recommend cleaning it before wearing it again (refer to cleaning instructions above).

9. Minor changes to your bite.

Under certain circumstances, we could plan the Snap-On Smile appliance to make very minor adaptations to increase your bite. These changes are minimal, of course. However, if we do not plan for bite changes, then the changes will not occur.

10. Increased self-esteem and self-confidence with your new Snap-On Smile.

You can choose Snap-On Smile and watch your self-confidence and self-esteem soar—especially after you receive compliments day

in and day out on your new smile!

Schedule your appointment today!

Now that you know 10 reasons to smile with Snap-On Smile, are you ready to schedule your consultation today with our Cincinnati cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Hedge? If so, call us today!



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