Do you seem to always feel drowsy, tired, and sluggish during the day and you aren’t sure why? Maybe you’ve gone to see your primary care doctor to solve the problem, but they aren’t sure why you feel that way either. Well, have you thought that you might not be getting enough sleep, or that you might not be sleeping very well throughout the night? Sleep apnea affects thousands of people worldwide, and some don’t even know it. Well, you’ll be happy to know that our Cincinnati dentist, Dr. Tom Hedge, offers obstructive sleep apnea treatment for his patients.

Diagnosing sleep apnea

As mentioned, many people might be suffering from sleep apnea and don’t even know it. If you feel sluggish and drowsy the next day, you might have good reason to learn more about sleep apnea and its symptoms, especially if you also feel soreness in your facial and/or jaw areas. If you’d like to speak with Dr. Hedge to learn more about sleep apnea, he will gladly share his expertise with you! When you come in for your consultation, a sleep study must be conducted in

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order for sleep apnea to be diagnosed. If

you have sleep apnea, Dr. Hedge offers obstructive sleep apnea treatment to his patients. Specifically, the sleep apnea mouth piece device will be recommended for you to relieve your symptoms and get a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep again!

Sleep apnea mouthpiece: What it
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can do for you!

He has successfully treated sleep apnea disorder for several years with amazing results, and it’s all due buy daily cialis to the sleep apnea mouthpiece (also called an anti-snoring or anti-snore device): To understand how the mouthpiece works, you must understand that sleep apnea is casino online caused when your airway passage becomes blocked by the soft tissues in the back of your mouth, or by your tongue.

  • The mouth guard helps reduce sleep apnea symptoms and helps people who snore, too!
  • The purpose of the mouthpiece is to prevent the soft tissues and your tongue from blocking your airway.
  • When the mouth guard is in the correct position, your lower jaw is moved into the forward position instead of blocking your airway. This opens the back of your throat so the airway does not become blocked, and so that you can breathe normally.
  • Since your airway will not be blocked when wearing the obstructive

    sleep apnea mouthpiece device, you will be able to breathe normally throughout the entire night.

  • It is effective for patients who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea.

Are you ready for uninterrupted sleep?

If you suspect that you or someone in your household has sleep apnea, we highly recommend getting professionally evaluated. We encourage you to call our Cincinnati dental office to set up your consultation appointment, and to gain more information about sleep apnea treatment. If sleep apnea exists, you can take advantage of the obstructive sleep apnea treatment that Dr. Hedge prescribes. And don’t worry—with our treatment, you will once again enjoy a restful and peaceful night’s sleep! Now who can refuse that?


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