Smaller Needles: Cure Your Fear of the Dentist

A common reason why some people do not go to the dentist is because he/she has a fear of needles (aka “belonephobia”). Fear of needles affects 1 in 5 adults, as per Gallup’s national research results. In 2001, Gallup also concluded that 21% of Americans have a fear of needles.

Many patients have instant anxiety when they know or see the big needle that will be used in their dental procedures. They automatically think the worst possible thoughts, which are a far cry from reality.

  • Well, Dr. Thomas Hedge recognizes that one method to calming your fear of needles is by using smaller needles in dental procedures.
  • Small needles have many advantages.
  • Dr. Hedge chooses to use small needles for a less-invasive dental experience.

Using small needles can somewhat lessen a patient’s anxiety and fears, which results in a more pleasant dental visit. Furthermore, patients seem to experience less pain at the dentist because of their less-invasive nature.

By using small needles in dentistry procedures, Cincinnati dentist, Dr. Thomas Hedge, strives to make your dental visit a comfortable experience.

Dr. Tom Hedge

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