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Have you ever experienced a clicking or popping sound when opening or closing your mouth? If so, then the problem may be more serious than you think. TMJ disorder is a common condition affecting the small, triangular-shaped joints located in front of your ears.

When these joints become damaged or fail to function properly, it can result in immense amounts of pain or pressure. In fact, this tiny little joint is highly sensitive to physical, emotional, and psychological stress.

Many people go through life suffering from headaches, as well as a variety of upper body pains without knowing the ultimate cause, which in many cases is TMJ disorder. In order to prevent this pain from taking over your life, Cincinnati TMJ dentist Dr. Tom Hedge has put together a video to discuss common TMJ symptoms and treatment options.

TMJ pain

  • The temporomandibular joint is affected by your bite and the condition of your muscles surrounding the joint. Oftentimes, TMJ disorder can start with mental fatigue or physical stress resulting in a slight bite misalignment.
  • You wouldn’t think this would be a serious condition, but over time it can result in serious physical stress spreading over your entire body.
  • The resulting TMJ disorder can create a variety of symptoms, ranging from mild jaw pain to painful jaw-locking that can even be sensitive to the touch.
  • The pain can also spread, meaning that pain in your temples, ears, and other areas can progress and worsen over time.

What are your TMJ treatment options

While TMJ disorder may not be life-threatening, it is a condition that can severely limit your quality of life if left untreated. If you think that you may be suffering from TMJ disorder, it is important that you come and see Cincinnati TMJ dentist Dr. Tom Hedge today. Simply pick up the phone and call us at 513-392-4598.

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