Cincinnati Invisalign Doctors: Straighter Teeth, Beautiful Smiles

When people think of straightening their teeth, they typically think of bulky, unattractive metal braces. Not only are these braces not the least bit fashionable, but they can also harm your self-esteem, thus keeping you from reaching your true potential. However, with our Cincinnati Invisalign® doctors caring for your smile, you do not have to worry about any of these things!

Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment approved by the FDA, is the virtually invisible method to straighten your teeth without the need for unattractive, bulky metal braces. With Invisalign, a custom-molded set of transparent, removable aligners will progressively reposition your teeth.

The great thing is that you can easily remove Invisalign clear braces whenever you eat or have a special occasion. Patients do not experience the mouth abrasions caused by metal and wires, and Invisalign aligners are easy to clean. In addition, adjustments are not needed with these patented clear braces.

How does Invisalign work? First, we use 3-D computer imaging to design a comprehensive treatment plan. This allows you to see your corrected smile before you ever receive your clear braces. It is a technology that Cincinnati cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hedge, is proud to offer.

Below is a video of Dr. Hedge discussing how Invisalign works:

Your teeth will be repositioned by a series of aligners over a period of 1-2 years. You’ll change aligners every 2 weeks until your smile meets your expectations. It is also suggested that you visit us every 6 weeks in order to monitor your progress.

Transparent, removable, no-hassle clear braces – now that should put a smile on your face! If you are interested in Invisalign from Cincinnati Invisalign doctor ,Tom Hedge, then call us today!

Dr. Tom Hedge

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