Cincinnati Cosmetic Gum Lifts: Restoring Your Smile

When it comes to cosmetic gum lifts in Cincinnati, there is only one dentist that you need to see: Dr. Tom Hedge. Dr. Hedge has been a cosmetic dentist in Cincinnati for years, and during that time has performed numerous cosmetic gum lifts, achieving excellent results time and time again.

Your gum line is one of the first things that people will notice about you, and if it’s uneven, it can have a negative impact on your appearance. At the Cincinnati Dental Experts, we provide minimally invasive procedures for gum lifting, thus giving you the results you want without using extensive surgical procedures.┬áBy repairing your gum line, we can expose beautiful teeth and improve your smile instantly.

You may be wondering, what makes our procedure less invasive than most others?

The main reason is that we use a soft tissue laser as opposed to a hard, metal scalpel. This allows us to gently and efficiently contour your gum line in order to give your gums a beautiful shape, which in turn gives you a great smile. With your gums restored, your teeth will appear more beautiful than ever. There will also be no need for stitches, because our laser seals on the spot.

Here are a few samples of our work:

If you are Cincinnati resident interested in cosmetic gum lifts, then come see Cincinnati cosmetic dentist Dr. Tom Hedge today.

Dr. Tom Hedge

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