Cincinnati Cosmetic Dental Bonding: Putting Your Smile Back Together

A lot of people dread going to the dentist for bonding procedures, because it often takes multiple visits to get the results you want.

Cincinnati cosmetic dentist Dr. Tom Hedge offers one-appointment dental bonding, a reliable procedure that can correct chipped or slightly misaligned teeth quickly.

Liquid composite resin

  • Dr. Hedge will apply liquid composite resin (which will blend with the color of your tooth) in order to rebuild your tooth to look both natural and beautiful.
  • The resin material is then hardened using a special light, after which Dr. Hedge will then sculpt your chipped, misaligned, or broken tooth until it looks as good as new!

What about veneers?

  • While porcelain veneers may be recommend for patients with severe dental problems, cosmetic dental bonding can suffice, and has a shelf life of roughly 5-10 years (when treated properly).
  • Dental bonding is stain-resistant, meaning that the color will not change over time like your natural teeth will. In order to keep your teeth uniform, you may want to consider visiting a cosmetic dentist for touch-up whitening procedures, as well.

What should you do now?

At the Cincinnati Dental Experts, we are dedicated to helping improve your teeth and smile. Cosmetic dental bonding is one of the many procedures that we offer to help create the beautiful smile you have always desired. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a consultation, call us today!

Dr. Tom Hedge

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