Nearly 7,500 people each year die from oral cancer. Oral cancer is the number six cancer worldwide, and approximately 30,000 patients per year are diagnosed. One person every hour dies from oral cancer.

These statistics are astounding and scary, right?

Many people do not realize how crucial it is to receive dental check-ups at least twice a year, which is recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). Not only do you fix any dental problems that you have based from the check-up results, but cosmetic dentists also screen you for oral cancer.

Many patients do not realize this “hidden” benefit from dental check-ups. Some even say that going to your dentist is the best way to detect oral cancer. Well, Dr. Tom Hedge is equipped with the expertise to screen you for oral cancer and periodontal disease. Just like any form of cancer, early detection is key.

  • Furthermore, oral cancer is considered very dangerous because of the difficulty in early detection.
  • However, of extreme importance, in most cases your dentist can detect the initial changes in your gum tissue, as well as other warning signs.
  • These tissue changes would alert your dentist or cosmetic dentist of early oral cancer.

Early Detection

Some early signs of mouth cancer can definitely go undetected with an at-home exam in the mirror. Dr. Hedge is knowledgeable about pinpointing the white or red patches of tissue, small mouth ulcers, and any masses or lumps, which can potentially be early warning signs of mouth cancer.

  • Dr. Tom Hedge can save your life with a comprehensive oral cancer screening.
  • Some people may even be more susceptible to oral cancer than others.
  • Depending on your lifestyle and genetics, you might be more prone to oral cancer.
  • For instance, it is known that those who smoke, chew tobacco, and drink alcohol regularly are more prone to developing oral cancer versus those who do not partake in this lifestyle.

With his outstanding expertise and training, Dr. Tom Hedge will gladly help you in the critical early detection phase. Without this early detection, survival rates decrease. Early detection of oral cancer is just one of the many smart reasons for dental check-ups.

Dr. Hedge absolutely wants the best for each and every one of his patients, which is why he performs oral cancer screenings on a daily basis. To be more safe than sorry, schedule your dental visit with Cincinnati dentist Dr. Tom Hedge today. You surely will not regret it.

Dr. Tom Hedge

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