How important do you think first impressions are? Do you think any aspect of your physical appearance plays a role

in first impressions? Certainly your physical appearance doesn’t play a huge role when meeting someone for the first time, but a beautiful, dazzling smile cant hurt! Well, if you would like to revitalize your appearance, you can

start with

your smile by taking advantage of the Lumineers service at our Cincinnati dental office. Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Hedge, loves creating gorgeous smiles on a daily basis, and he wants to create your dream smile, too!

What are Lumineers?

Simply put, Lumineers are the high quality, affordable porcelain veneers alternative. They produce exquisite results for you to love your smile day in and day out. Typically, patients with minor tooth imperfections (i.e. stained teeth, minor chipped teeth) are good candidates for this cosmetic dental service. More specifically,

Lumineers are a thin sheet of porcelain, called Cerinate porcelain, which gets attached to the front of your tooth. This porcelain material is thinner than traditional porcelain veneers. In fact, Lumineers are actually comparable to the thickness of a contact lens.

What is involved in the Lumineers process?

  • Since Lumineers fit on top of your tooth, adaptations to your natural tooth are typically not necessary. Thus, drilling, numbing, and anesthesia are not required.
  • Additionally, they are considered “prepless veneers” (and painless!) due to the decreased prep-work needed to customize your Lumineers.
  • Another extremely attractive feature to our patients is that Lumineers require canadian pharmacy cialis a minimally invasive procedure. That means that the procedure is virtually painless, and you can receive Lumineers within 1-2 office appointments– so it is quick and easy!
  • We offer Lumineers as a reversible cosmetic dental procedure. This means that a patient can choose to remove their Lumineers in order to expose their original smile again (if he or she chooses to do so, of course).

How many Lumineers should I get?

Some people wonder how many teeth

you can get Lumineers on. If you are wondering the same thing, read on! Our cosmetic dentist will recommend how many Lumineers he suggests. Based on his suggestion and with your dental goals, we will determine how many Lumineers are right for your smile. We cannot put a definitive number on how many you should get since everyone”s mouths are different. However, typically we place Lumineers on the teeth that are most exposed when you smile. So do Lumineers sound like a great option for you? If you want the look of porcelain veneers, but are searching for a more affordable alternative, call our office today to see if Lumineers are right for you!

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