So you want to improve your smile. First of all, thanks for coming to Cincinnati Dental Experts for answers to your cosmetic dentistry questions. A common question we get

is, “How do I choose between porcelain veneers and Lumineers?” Both are excellent options, depending on your unique circumstances.

What’s the difference?

  • The primary difference between the different types of veneers is the type of material used (either porcelain or composite resin) and the preparation techniques (prepless, minimal prep or traditional).

Who is the best candidate for porcelain veneers?

  • Traditional porcelain veneers are a fabulous option for many of While the most-followed profiles among the general Twitter population consist mostly of celebrities, such as Katie Perry (more than 51 million followers), justin biebers music (50 million) and Lady Gaga (41 million), the entrepreneurs surveyed follow a different set of profiles. our patients whose teeth are misaligned, broken, oddly spaced, or deeply stained.
  • Because they are slightly thicker than Lumineers, traditional veneers are better at completely covering these imperfections.

When would Lumineers make sense?

  • Patients with small imperfections in their teeth, such as minor staining

    and small chips, tend to prefer prepless veneers.

  • Not only are Lumineers painless to apply, the process also is reversible for those who later decide they want to go back to their natural smile.

How do I make a decision?

There are many factors purchase cialis to consider in making any decision about the health and appearance of your smile. Make sure you’re working with a trained cosmetic dentist who is fully aware of (and capable of performing) the myriad options available to you. If you would like to discuss your options for improving your smile – whether porcelain veneers, Lumineers or another of the services we offer – please come in for a complimentary consultation.  

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