Root Canal Dentist CincinnatiSevere tooth decay should be addressed as early as possible.itfinal However, many people procrastinate invasive dental procedures because of a deep-rooted fear. As top Cincinnati dentists, we understand anxiety over procedures such

as root canals, and we take a gently approach that puts our patients at ease.

What Does a Root Canal Do?

The root canal is a natural cavity in the center of the tooth that houses the soft pulp and the tooth’s nerve. A root canal procedure often is necessary when a tooth is heavily decayed or the nerve is dead. By removing this dead and decaying tissue, you should be able to avoid an abscess and save the tooth.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

During a root canal, the dentist or endodontist removes the pulp and nerve, and then cleans the inside of the tooth and re-seals it. If there is infection in the tooth, the dentist might apply a medication to the tooth for several days before re-sealing it. If the decay has weakened the tooth, you online casino might also need a crown to protect and strengthen it.

What Is Gentle Dentistry?

Many people report that a root canal is no more painful than having a tooth filled, but if a patient has anxiety about

a procedure, we believe we should do our best to relieve that anxiety with gentle dentistry. Dr. Tom Hedge is a master at making his patients feel at ease, not only through his professional yet friendly demeanor, but also using

safe, advanced sedation techniques. You will not be put to sleep during your root canal procedure, but you will feel very relaxed and might not remember much of the procedure. Patients sometimes report that procedures seem to fly by while they are under sedation. The health of your teeth is too important to put off due to fear. If the idea of a root canal causes anxiety, then ask Dr. Tom Hedge about his gentle approach to dentistry. Call us today!1Z0-052

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