Facelift denturesAre you considering surgery to appear younger? If you wear dentures, there may be a simpler solution: facelift dentures. These custom-fit dentures are designed specifically for your face to provide the most ideal form and function using advanced techniques from the field of neuromuscular dentistry.


Types of Dentures

Today’s denture wearers have three options:

  • Economy dentures. These “off-the-shelf” dentures are the cheapest option, but they are also the least customized.

    Driven by the apparent cost-savings, many people

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    keep experimenting with these generic dentures, hoping they will eventually find the right fit.

  • Traditional dentures. These dentures are made by general dentists specifically to fit the patient. However, without an understanding of neuromuscular science, the dentures still create a “false teeth” look.
  • Facelift dentures. Based
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    on an advanced understanding of how the muscles in the face work, these dentures provide the most comfort, the best fit and the most natural appearance. While they are more expensive than economy dentures, our patients who experience the difference consider it an investment in their image that is well worth making. And when you add up the money you’ve spent on a We’re sure you won’t be able to ignore bonus games after your first big (surprise) payout. series of ill-fitting dentures, plus the gallons of denture adhesive required to hold them in place, the price difference might not be as much as you thought!

How Facelift Dentures Work

The muscles in your face are

a vital part of your smile and facial structure. If those muscles are strained or not adequately supported, the result is a collapsed,

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also contributes to this sunken appearance. Facelift dentures create a more youthful appearance because they are built specifically for your facial structure. The process works like this:

If you wear dentures and would like to look years younger, give our cosmetic dentists a call today to discuss the cialis for fun benefits of facelift dentures.  

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