If you’ve heard about porcelain veneers, then you most likely already know the amazing transformations that will occur once you get veneers for your own smile! Thousands of people around the world opt for porcelain veneers because of their natural-looking, flawless results. Now you, too, can choose porcelain veneers from our Loveland, Ohio cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tom Hedge.


How long do veneers last?

The natural-looking results will last a very long time—actually there are some cases where patients had their veneers looking beautiful 15-20 years after original veneers placement! Now that’s a long-lasting dental solution! Well what happens after the 15-20 year mark? Some patients experience some minor wear and tear at this stage, but Dr. Hedge is there every step of the way to keep your smile looking beautiful.

Signs of natural

wear and tear

When patients experience minor wear and tear that means that their dental veneers become dull in appearance, or that the underlying tooth (your natural tooth underneath your veneers) becomes discolored or darkened. This specific area can become darkened over time for a few reasons, such as consuming too many dark-colored beverages (colas, red wine, etc), or frequently using tobacco products. As you can guess, when discoloration occurs, this detracts from the natural beauty of your sparkling white veneers. Therefore, when a patient becomes annoyed by the dull appearance or the discoloration, they want solutions to fix it, and rightly so! In these circumstances, Dr. Hedge recommends redoing your veneers.

Can I whiten my veneers?

Some patients automatically assume that you can whiten

your veneers, but, in fact, whitening your veneers is not recommended because:

Are you ready for your dream smile?

Whether you would like your porcelain veneers to look whiter, or if you’d like to get veneers for the first time, come see Dr. Hedge today! Your dental care is in excellent hands with our cosmetic dentist!

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