Did you or a family member just find out from your dentist that you need an extensive amount of dental work completed (i.e. root canal, tooth extraction, dental implant)? Consequently, you might be extremely

anxious, worried, or nervous about receiving these dental treatments, but fear not!

Our highly skilled Cincinnati cosmetic dentist is dedicated to making your dental appointment as pain-free and anxious-free as possible by offering dental sedation options.

Rest assured, Dr. Tom Hedge has many years of experience providing worry-free results, while placing his patients’ comfort at the forefront. In fact, his entire dental team wants you and your family to be as relaxed as possible during your appointments, while you leave the rest up to us!

We offer safe and effective sedation dentistry!

To provide

the utmost level of relaxation possible, our sedation dentist offers three options to you. These include:

  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)– Most patients prefer this sedation method for less invasive dental services so they can relax throughout their entire dental treatment.
  • Oral conscious sedation– For our patients who exhibit higher anxiety, more fear, or who have gagging problems, we provide oral conscious sedation. The medication comes in a pill format that helps you become extremely relaxed for your dental appointment.
  • IV sedation– This is suitable for patients who require more invasive and longer procedures. IV sedation allows the patient to sleep, from the beginning to the end of the appointment!

Depending on your health history, current medications, and current medical status, Dr. Hedge will determine the best and safest method of sedation dentistry for you.

The amazing benefits of dental sedation

Dental sedation offers several benefits for patients, such as:

  • Complete relaxation during your dental appointment
  • Faster appointment due to our These are the kinds of things you’ll find in your free-credits-report.com report. dentist completing your procedure in a more efficient manner
  • Pain-free dentistry since you will be numb throughout the entire procedure
  • Significantly reduced chances of experiencing a traumatic dental appointment
  • Your dental fears, dental phobias, anxiety, and worries will dissipate once you are relaxed and
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    are at ease

  • With oral sedation, you will not lose consciousness—you are still able to respond to the dentist and dental assistant(s)
  • Constant monitoring throughout the procedure to ensure that you are receiving a safe, adequate amount of sedative medication(s)

Call us to see if sedation dentistry is right for you!

By offering sedation dentistry, Dr. Hedge is able to perform dental procedure with minimal pain and discomfort. He has extensive training and education

to safely and effectively administer dental sedation medication(s). If you’d like to receive pain-free dentistry during your next appointment, Dr. Hedge can determine if you are a suitable candidate! Call our office today to schedule your consultation!

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