Cosmetic Dentist CincinnatiNo one should have to suffer through life with embarrassing tooth or gum issues. After all, your smile allows you to make connections with people, and if you’re embarrassed to smile, you could be limiting your potential. Luckily, with the wide range of cosmetic dental procedures available, all you have to do is find a cosmetic dentist to help you decide which are right for you.  


Today’s adults and teens have a convenient, subtle option for achieving a straight smile without the traditional “metal mouth” look.

  • Invisalign® uses a series of nearly invisible, removable plastic aligners to gradually adjust your teeth into their ideal position over a period of 1-2 years.
  • The aligners should be worn at all times, except when you’re eating or brushing your teeth, so they require some self-discipline.
  • Because the Invisalign trays are

    removable, it is easier to keep the teeth clean and healthy.

  • Permanently straightening the teeth with orthodontia is the best course of action for people whose current tooth misalignment can cause further problems down the road.



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patients with minor crowding, gaps, cracks or stains, porcelain veneers typically are an effective and relatively painless cosmetic dental procedure.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Sometimes a patient has a variety of tooth imperfections and requires a combination of cosmetic dental procedures, otherwise known as a full mouth rehabilitation. Patients with severely worn teeth, a deep or uneven bite, or who have suffered a traumatic injury to the mouth are typically candidates for full mouth dentistry. Some of the procedures that might be involved in a full mouth rehab are:

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