Cincinnati cosmetic dentist Dr. Tom Hedge is well versed on various cosmetic dentistry procedures. Some are more common than others, of course, and are chosen based on each patient’s dental health and needs. Since each patient’s cases are different, Cincinnati’s Dr. Tom Hedge will happily consult with you to share his expertise and help you decide which procedures are best for you.

Veneers (traditional porcelain and LUMINEERS®), teeth whitening, and Invisalign® are three common cosmetic dentistry procedures nowadays— and are all performed by Dr. Tom Hedge.


Veneers are a popular cosmetic dental solution to transform your smile. Dr. Hedge’s Cincinnati dental office offers traditional porcelain veneers or LUMINEERS. During your consultation, he can discuss which option is right for you.

Traditional porcelain veneers sometimes require minor adaptations to the real tooth, and is typically an irreversible procedure with a life span of 10-15 years. Porcelain veneers are best for patients who have serious dental issues (i.e. chipped/broken tooth, irregularly shaped teeth, gaps between teeth).

On the other hand, if you want a fairly simple procedure (and are a good candidate) to create that beautiful, amazing smile, maybe LUMINEERS are the right choice. LUMINEERS are made from a thinner porcelain material when compared to traditional porcelain veneers.

  • LUMINEERS usually do not require tooth alterations, typically do not require a heavily invasive procedure, and are less expensive when compared to traditional porcelain veneers.
  • An attractive aspect is that drilling or removal of the tooth is usually not necessary.
  • Therefore, no anesthesia is used and no changes (or very minimal changes in some cases) are made to the real tooth.
  • Additionally, LUMINEERS can be removed, if needed, to return to your original smile.

Teeth Whitening

Another common cosmetic dentistry procedure is teeth whitening. This procedure is chosen when patients have stains and/or discolored teeth. Dr. Tom Hedge utilizes the popular ZOOM!® Whitening system, and in one office visit, you can banish those discolored teeth! You can also request customized bleaching trays to do touch-ups at home.


The third most common cosmetic dentistry procedure offered by Dr. Hedge is Invisalign® clear braces. These are nearly invisible braces to straighten teeth over a 1-2 year period. The system requires that you wear custom-made aligners. Dr. Hedge will schedule in-office appointments with you approximately every six weeks to check your progress.

Dr. Hedge will help you decide which of these popular cosmetic dental procedures match your needs to result in an incredible smile!

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