Do you experience painful jaw popping when you speak or chew food? Do you hear and/or feel your jaw clicking when you open and close your mouth? These are all classic signs of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems. Being evaluated and treated by a dentist can definitely appease and/or eliminate the painful episodes you experience.

Dr. Hedge

  • Dr. Tom Hedge is trained to properly evaluate your symptoms, and to expertly

    choose which solutions will solve your TMJ problems. He has expertise in jaw and muscular functioning, which is the basis for effective TMJ treatment solutions. Furthermore, he uses advanced techniques in the field of Neuromuscular Dentistry.

  • During your in-office consultation, you can discuss your symptoms and potential therapy. Dr. Hedge will evaluate your symptoms to ensure that TMJ issues are in fact present before treatment is initiated.

Symptoms & Treatment

  • Classic TMJ symptoms can include: jaw clicking, jaw popping, jaw pain, pain when talking/chewing, and dull pain in the facial area. Having any of these symptoms can be a nuisance during common behaviors (i.e. talking, chewing).
  • He delivers therapy to TMJ patients by utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure that your jaw remains aligned. Thus, when your jaw is properly aligned, you will not experience the painful, discomforting TMJ symptoms.
  • In order to keep your jaw in this specific, pain-free location, he uses a special dental material so your jaw will not re-shift to its old location. Re-shifting to its old location would likely cause you pain once again.
  • After the material is positioned in its correct location, a dental appliance similar to an orthodontic retainer is created to fit over your teeth. In essence, the customized appliance corrects your bite so that you will not experience TMJ symptoms any longer. Now you can experience a normal bite that does not cause pain or discomfort!

It is encouraged to schedule a few dental visits so that Dr. Hedge can monitor any adverse changes to your TMJ treatment(s). To begin your TMJ treatment in Cincinnati, schedule your consultation today by calling Dr. Hedge at 513-392-4598.


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