When it comes to treating TMJ, Cincinnati dentist Dr. Tom

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Hedge has the experience and skills necessary to relieve your head and neck pain. Using the power of Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dr. Hedge is able to provide pain relief to patients who have not been able to find relief for the suffering they have been dealing with. One of the most common symptoms of TMJ is head and neck pain, which can vary from slight discomfort all the way to debilitating and intense pain. Thinking these pains may be rooted in brain disorders or neurological conditions, they seek medical advice in hopes of finding a cure for TMJ. However, many times MRIs, Cat scans, and X-rays report nothing wrong. This leaves patients feeling defeated, and often times family members and friends may question whether or not their dear friend or family member can function at full mental capacity.

The jaw is like an airplane

  • When an airplane comes in for a landing, there are a few moves the pilot can make to land the plane. A closing jaw is like an airplane landing; as an airplane lands the pilot has three movements he or she has to control. If the pilot comes in at a steep angle, the nose of the plane can be damaged.
  • If the pilot comes down sideways, or with too much weight toward the left or right it could result in catastrophic damage to the plane. These movements
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    are called pitch, roll and yaw, accordingly. In Aviation, there are electronic instruments that instruct the pilot on how to land the plane safely and securely.

  • The jaw also has pitch, roll and yaw. As the lower teeth move toward the upper teeth for a “landing,” the Aviation principles apply. If the brain perceives that the front teeth are coming in for a crash landing, it uses specific muscles

    to pull the jaw backward.

  • The muscles of the temple are like pilot muscles. Their job is to position the jaw by pulling it back. If the jaw is coming in for a nose dive, the temple muscles pull the jaw back just like the pilot in our scenario above.

TMJ treatment with Neuromuscular Dentistry

  • Cincinnati TMJ treatment specialist Dr. Tom Hedge can use advances in technology to track the good and bad movements of your jaw. Just like an air traffic controller can use technology to control an airplane landing, a dentist can use special technology to ensure that your jaw stays in alignment, thus reducing the amount of pain you experience.
  • This computerized technology tracks your jaw and your muscle activity at the same time. The dentist looks for a jaw position where the muscles are the happiest, and tries to get your jaw there. They record that position with material that will hold the jaws at that particular position.
  • From this, a customized appliance can be crafted to fit over the teeth, much like a retainer. This “orthotic” will mimic a correct bite; which in return will allow the muscles to stay happy, and happy muscles don't hurt. This is how Cincinnati TMJ dentist Tom Hedge provides treatment for his patients.

Do you suffer from TMJ?

Dr. Hedge wants to provide TMJ treatment for sufferers of this debilitating problem. Using advances in Neuromuscular Dentistry technology he can correct your bite, ease your jaw pain, and thus improve your overall quality of life. Come see Dr. Hedge today or call 513-392-4598 to schedule a consultation today!


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