Are you interested in bright, flawless teeth that beam confidence with every smile? How about receiving a dental solution to dramatically improve the shade of your teeth, while preserving its’ natural appearance—all in one office visit?

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If you are interested, we encourage you to continue reading! As a cosmetic dentist in Cincinnati, Dr. Tom Hedge offers ceramic crowns

to his patients for an amazing smile. Ceramic crowns are beneficial for those who want to improve the tooth’s shape and shade.

Our CEREC technology

  • Here at our Cincinnati office, our ceramic crowns are customized with a metal-free material, called , which is translucent and tooth-colored. The ceramic used has been time-tested for the past 20 years to deliver you with safe, durable crowns. Additionally, Dr. Hedge hand crafts and customizes all of his patients’ ceramic crowns with preciseness.
  • He begins by using an ultra-modern computer and milling machine, called CEREC 3, to create your crowns, veneers, and inlays/onlays. The 3-dimensional imaging of your teeth allows us to see minuscule details, permitting us to handcraft your crown with accurateness.
  • A major benefit of the CEREC technology is its’ high rate of precision, quick speed, and accuracy. This is Fruit machines the reason why our ceramic crowns dentist, Dr. Hedge, can complete these dental solutions in ONE office visit! Impressive, right?
  • In fact, our one-visit crowns are typically completed in approximately one hour! No more spending all day at the dentist office to restore your beautiful teeth!

Crowns or veneers?

To take advantage of our one-visit ceramic crowns, or to ask us any questions, feel free to call us for your free consultation at 513-392-4598.


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