you’ve heard that veneers can help you get the smile you want. But how do you know which is the best veneers option for you? And how do you choose the best cosmetic dentist? Let Cincinnati Dental Experts help you.


Most patients’ first question about veneers is “What will it cost?” We’d love to give you the answer. But at Cincinnati Dental Experts, we offer five different kinds of veneers, and the cost varies depending on the type of veneers as well as other factors.

Types of veneers

There are three preparation techniques when it comes to veneers.

  • Prepless veneers are so-called because they require no alteration to the tooth – no numbing or drilling! Lumineers pioneered this concept. This option usually makes sense for patients with relatively minor imperfections, such as minor staining and small chips. when to take viagra for best results Many patients have seen great results with prepless veneers, but this option is not for everyone.
  • Traditional veneers require the most adaptations to the tooth, and they are best for patients with chipped or broken teeth, irregularly

    shaped teeth or gaps between their teeth.

In addition, we offer two types of veneer materials:

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  • Porcelain typically has a life span of 10-15 years and is the best option generic pharmacy to provide that lifelike translucency that gives many of our patients their beautiful smiles.

Create your beautiful smile

As you can see, many factors go purchase generic viagra into the decision of which veneers option will best create your desired smile. At Cincinnati Dental Experts, we’ll take pictures of your smile and digitally show you what your smile could look like so you can decide which veneers option is the best for you. Schedule a consultation with our top cosmetic dentist to discuss your options.  

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