How would you like to have the competitive edge in any sport you participate in? Well, with Dr. Hedge’s knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry, he offers an incredible, effective athletic

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mouth guard to his Cincinnati patients—the Performance Enhancing Mouth Guard. This top-tier Performance Enhancing Mouth Guard has proven its effectiveness with countless professional sports teams. Take for instance Derek Jeter’s decision to wear it during the World Series, along with several New Orleans Saints athletes who adamantly wear the athletic mouth guard during games. Also, consider the marathon runner who took 2 minutes off of her 1-mile time just by wearing the mouthpiece, decreasing her 1-mile time from 10 minutes to 8 minutes.

How will athletic mouthpieces improve my performance?

These two revolutionary athletic performance mouth guards function with accuracy to help athletes gain the competitive edge in any type of sport. They are known to enhance an athlete’s power, balance, speed, and overall performance. Dr. Hedge is here to explain how his customized Performance Enhancing Mouth Guard will take your game to the next level:

Evidence of increased athletic performance

Athletes consistently report that, when they wear the athletic mouth guard, they feel significantly less tired during their sporting events, and they’re able to breath much better. Actually, you don’t have to just take the athletes word for it because research has also been conducted on their effectiveness. For instance, a military college (called the Citadel) has been studying two brands of athletic mouth guards since their inception in the mid 2000’s. From their studies, they consistently find that the mouthpiece helps to improve airflow and endurance. So as you can see, there is widespread support for the functionality and effectiveness of the mouth guards. It has been proven time and time again that the athletic mouth guards improve breathing mechanics and reduce jaw fatigue.

How do I get my sports mouth guard?

Are you ready to improve your athletic performance?

So if you’re looking for a performance-enhancing solution, Dr. Tom Hedge surely has your answers! If you would like more information about our athletic mouth guards from our Cincinnati dentist, we encourage you to call us today for your appointment.


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