Do you suspect that someone in your household is suffering from sleep apnea? If so, you should have him or her participate in a sleep study to determine if this sleep disorder exists. If it is apparent, he or she can receive sleep apnea treatment as soon as possible to experience uninterrupted, peaceful night’s sleep once again!

How is sleep apnea diagnosed?

Dr. Tom Hedge, our Cincinnati dentist, effectively and safely treats patients who suffer from this disorder. Some of his patients suffer from daytime sleepiness and tiredness, and they are unsure if something is wrong with them. When they come in for a dental appointment, they sometimes mention this symptom, and then we usually have to proceed to schedule a sleep study. A trained professional conducts the sleep study in which they record and monitor your normal sleep patterns while you sleep throughout the night. This helps us determine if sleep apnea exists, and to accurately diagnose it.

Sleep apnea solution

If it does exist, a mouthpiece for sleep apnea treatment might be recommended to you. The mouthpiece (also

referred to as a “sleep apnea mouthpiece,” or an “anti-snoring device”) can help reduce the symptoms associated with this sleep disorder. Actually, the mouth guard also helps people who snore, too! To understand how the mouthpiece is effective, you must learn that sleep apnea occurs when soft tissues within your mouth temporarily block your airway. When this happens, your breathing patterns become abnormal, and your sleep becomes disrupted since you can’t breathe at a normal

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How does the mouthpiece work?

Well, when you wear the mouthpiece for sleep apnea, it prevents

the soft tissues and your tongue from blocking your airway. The lower jaw is also moved forward to prevent obstruction of the airway. This, then, relieves your symptoms since you can breathe normally once again. The mouthpiece we recommend is perfect for patients

who suffer from mild to moderate sleep apnea. One piece of good news includes the fact that

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there are no side effects when wearing the mouthpiece! Within the first couple of nights, you will get used to wearing the appliance, so that you won’t experience discomfort in your jaw region, or around your teeth and gums.

Ready for a restful night”s sleep? Call us!

You will now be on your way to, once again, discovering how a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep feels! Say hello to a refreshed and energized new you when you wake up in the morning—come see Dr. Hedge to see if the mouth guard for sleep apnea is right for you!

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